11 Ways to Make some Money Fast for Photographers

11 ways to make some money fast for photographers

Once you have made a quick $1000, it gives you a lot of confidence to double that and continue growing your business! Sometimes you need a specific amount to purchase a piece of gear or to attend a workshop. I have totally been there!

Mindset is HUGE! I highly recommend looking into money manifestation, specifically “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero. When I am high vibe and know the money is there for me, it always comes even in unexpected ways: Through tips, from family members, checks from overpaid accounts, etc.

These are all short-term solutions and not necessarily business related. Here are a few ways to make some quick cash!

  1. Setup a themed mini-session day! Even if you only charge $100 for 15 minutes and 5 images, you just have to book 10 sessions. Charge $200 for 15 minutes and 5 images and you just need to book 5. Then you can also sell additional digitals and products to earn some extra cash.
  2. Setup a styled shoot or workshop. Same principle as above! What is your specialty? You could teach that to others! You could have an in person workshop or teach live online through Facebook or Skype.
  3. Sell your old equipment, furniture, things laying around the house. Junk filling up your closet or garage that you don’t use can really add up! You can use your personal facebook, facebook marketplace, ebay or letgo etc to sell on.
  4. Offer past customers a discount on a session or prints. Send them a text or email saying thank you so much for your support I would love to give you 10% off your next session or purchase!
  5. Setup a referral program. Offer a free session or even a visa gift card to whoever refers a new client to you.
  6. Drive for Lyft, Uber, Uber Eats or Grubhub etc. Any of these delivery services are awesome because you can work whenever you have free time and you just need your own car!
  7. Become an affiliate. Especially for high ticket items, ask a course creator if you can share their program on your social media and get a kickback for everyone that signs up. You can also sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program to start recommending products you love! https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/
  8. Participate in studies and surveys. Just watch out for scams and be prepared to get lots of emails and phone calls. This is the one I use https://share.earnandgo.co/Kacilou
  9. Save on stuff you already buy. Ibotta and other cash back programs can quickly add up over time!https://home.ibotta.com/ my code is aijafnr 🙂
  10. Donate plasma. This is a last resort but if you are healthy you can make some quick cash.
  11. Open an Etsy shop. Do you have your own preset or style guide or email templates that you could sell? Or maybe you sell your pretty landscape or product photos as prints or digital downloads. Or maybe you are just crafty and love making bracelets, using your cricut, or making soap. You can easily make $1000 on Etsy by using the right keywords and photos.

I am so excited for you to make your next $1000! Let me know your best tips to make some quick income below 🙂

*Note that this post does include affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything but helps me out, so please use my links and codes 🙂

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11 Ways to Make some Money Fast for Photographers

11 ways to make some money fast for photographers