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Big Things Coming

Hello Beautiful!

Wow, so much has happened these last few months that I wanted to write a little update about what I am feeling and what is going on. My husband has been in Utah most of the time attending flight school, when he is able to come home it is so nice to have his help and he always puts me at ease. When he is gone though it is super stressful to find someone to watch our two kids while I work at my day job or go on photography shoots. It is like being a single mom working 2 jobs! The kids and I are moving in with my aunt and uncle by September 30th. I am super excited to be with them, 1. because they are awesome and fun, and 2. they love my kids and I know they will take good care of them while I am gone. It will be so nice not to have to pack them up, pick them up, and drop them off all the time. Although a much longer commute for me, but I have done it before and it is not that bad since this will be temporary. It has just been a lot to do lately-packing up everything and figuring out how to organize the 3 of us in a single bedroom but it will be a good change!

Lately, I have been thinking it is weird that I am so happy, because life is so crazy right now, but I am content. I know that God is watching over my little family and my husband. I know that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. I had a bitter period of time this year, but a few weeks ago just decided that I don’t want to be that person so I stopped. I sat down and defined what makes a successful day so I could stop feeling like a failure when something didn’t go my way. I feel like this gives me permission to be happy-

My Successful Day

  1. Prayed and read my scriptures
  2. Let my husband know that I love him
  3. Made my kids laugh
  4. Cuddled/hugged/kissed each of my kids and my husband if he is home
  5. Bonus-helped someone and learned something new

I love my kids so much more now that I have defined success. I also think working so much has made me value my precious time with them even more.  At any stage of life, these are doable and so simple. Even on the busiest of days these would be easy to fit in. Then I also have long term goals for my business to define financial success that I am working towards. For now, I will keep hustling and be grateful for what I have so far! I wanted to share something big that is happening for my business this month!

Gocentral GoDaddy website Kaci Lou Photography JPG

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Big Announcement

Back in July, GoDaddy contacted me saying they hand picked a few GoCentral websites out of over 500 sites  that they wanted to showcase for small business week; mine was one of their favorites! . Some background- GoDaddy is the number one domain registrar in the world, they provide domains, hosting, website builders, email, online marketing and more for small businesses. GoCentral is their latest Website Builder that is super easy to use and looks great on any screen size so that is what I use for my main website.

The catch was they needed to do an 8 hour shoot with me in less than a week! Of course I said yes, but it was a little crazy trying to find a sitter and I was super nervous! This is what they sent me to show what they were going to do for my photography business

Kaci Lou Photography-AZ wedding Photography-GoDaddy Gocentral Website Builder

Photo credit: GoDaddy’s Facebook Page

284,000 views whaaaaa. Outside of my comfort zone…yes. I don’t like being in front of the camera, I am pretty shy and introverted, I don’t like the sound of my voice, I haven’t done studio lighting in years, I usually work with couples not families…but it was all worth it! A million times over! I am so excited for it to air in a couple of weeks!

I am getting a free, professional, high quality promotional video. Plenty of headshots and product images I can use. Got to work in a beautiful studio with an unbelievably gorgeous family! Here is the link to view their images (their outfit choices are on point!)

The best part though-exposure! No, I did not get paid by GoDaddy to promote their Website Builder. It truly is a great product that is easy to use.  GoDaddy has over 17 million customers, over a million likes on facebook. I am going to be a featured business on their social media pages and blog! Plus this is such a good time for this to go live, we are headed into busy season for portraits and the holidays when everyone gets engaged! This is going to be a phenomenal backlink to help my search engine rankings. I am so grateful for this opportunity!

The GoDaddy Shoot

I got my hair cut and some new shirts for the shoot! I painted my nails the day of but they got messed up instantly so I removed the nail polish. I was sad because they took so many shots of my working on a computer/phone/tablet but at least they don’t look awful!

I arrived at the Blok Studio, which I didn’t think I was in the right place at first so I circled around. It looks like an old rundown hotel and the parking is in a shady alley. The GoDaddy crew was arriving as well by this point so I was relieved I made it. The studio room itself is beautiful though, lots of natural light and white walls. We started with professional hair and makeup. Makeup by heather ( did an awesome job to keep me looking like myself. She is so kind and has so many great stories from her celebrity makeup career! She put my hair half-up since I wear my hair back most of the time so it doesn’t get in the way when I look through my viewfinder. I also don’t wear much makeup. She kept it natural but camera ready (you want to do a bit more makeup than normal when you go in front of a camera so you still look 3d). She did put fake eye lashes on me though which was a trip! They are super heavy and I was not a fan, if you see me fluttering my eyes, I am not flirting. I got used to them but I would never go out of my way to get those again. They looked good on me though!

Once I was all prepped, we started the interview. Bright lights and giant camera in my face. Oi, I hate my voice and I noticed I tend to ramble by starting sentences with “And”. Maybe one day me talk pretty 😛 The hard part was answering the questions facing the camera instead of the person who was giving me the questions; it was like patting my head and rubbing my belly at the same time.

After the interview we moved into product shots and shots of me working on my website from my phone, tablet, and laptop. We had to put on a green screen on each device so the GoDaddy animators could put whatever page would work best in the moment they needed the footage (the actual website would have terrible glare).  So I  had to pretend to swipe around the screen which feels really dumb. Then I had to pretend to type as well. This was my least favorite part of the day, so silly right?!

Jones Family Portraits in Studio- Mesa, AZ-Kaci Lou Photography (39 of 124)

Photo credit: Kaci Lou Photography (me)

Finally the best part, shooting! This family got professional hair and makeup as well. They are beyond gorgeous! And so super sweet, I was so grateful they were willing to model for the shoot! I was super intimidated working in the studio. I forgot everything about studio lighting. Plus the GoDaddy photographer and video crew were way more experienced than me! After a few minutes, I got more comfortable and was acting like my goofy self. I had brought a stuffed animal and nerds for the toddler. The thing I worried most about happening-happened -she did not want to be photographed…pretty much the whole time. Nor did she like me very much, she liked the makeup artist though at least. The only other way we could get her onboard was with the Trolls soundtrack. But then she would just want to slow dance or be held. Which was sweet but we wanted to see her beautiful face. She had such pretty eyes as you can see above! We were able to get some good shots of her and a decent one for their family Christmas card yay!

Jones Family Portraits in Studio- Mesa, AZ-Kaci Lou Photography

Photo credit: Kaci Lou Photography (me)

Here is the commercial that has already been published. It includes a few small businesses and highlights how we use the GoDaddy GoCentral builder.

It is right on home page and on the Website Builder page. Yep, I am famous guys, get your autographs now. kaci lou photography Website Builder page kaci lou photography

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This was an amazing experience and I am so excited to see what comes from it! One of the best parts of owning this business is that I can wake up to an incredible opportunity like this that I had no idea even existed the day before. I get emails from strangers out of the blue asking me to photograph the most important day of their lives. I am so honored to have gained their trust just from my online presence. Each day I realize more and more that anything can happen!

I will let ya’ll know as soon as the GoDaddy video and blog post for my Kaci Lou Photography website is launched. Thank you for all your support. Ask me anything in the comments!



Kaci Lou


*The images in this post were taken by GoDaddy except the 2 family photos I took as specified.

P.S. Already prepared for trolls, I want to be like Wendy’s haha



September 13, 2017

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