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Two Photographers, One Model, World of Difference

I was able to attend the Black and Gold Gala for Showit United 2017! I am always looking for an excuse to dress up, especially in a ball gown! I had the unique opportunity to be photographed by two different photographers that night. Take a look at how different the experience and final results are.

Kaci Lou Difference

The first was shot by Keith and Melissa- I look absolutely stunning. It looks like a giant painting you see in a royal mansion! They were able to create this stunning image when it was pitch black using their own lighting.

The second was shot by Gayle of I look so happy and like I am having a great time in that dress! She was able to create this image with natural light during sunset.

The main difference is obvious, the location and light. One is shot with very dramatic light so it is dark with a dark background. The other is light and shot out in the desert.

The difference you cannot see though is the emotion I have attached to each. The first was taken after waiting for at least 20-30 minutes in line. I eventually took off my high heels since my feet were starting to hurt. We had just been told we would not be able to do individual shots since the line was getting so long, but luckily my friend talked him into letting us since we had been there awhile. They were efficient though since they were able to get photos printed for the guests the same evening. Quality does take time! Keith was very thoughtful in his artistry of posing and lighting.

Showit United 2017 Gala

This was with my new friends Samantha Wetter (AZ) and Isabel Reyna (TX)

Some of you may like the 1st one more, and that is totally fine, but I am not the photographer for you. I much prefer the second. It really depends on what you want the photo for as well. I would like the first if I was doing a murder mystery party or the fancy ball like where it was taken. Ultimately though, I want photos to further my own photography brand, capture memories, and/or capture my personality. I love natural light and laughter. The first is much more like a piece of art than naturally me.

I shot some beautiful photos of Gayle too! I loved her hair and dress! We met just before the Gala to take these at the Helicopter Pad in front of The Marriot at the Buttes. I grew big girl pants and finally took the photo strap off my camera! I have since shot 2 weddings without it and am not looking back. My family noted that I was getting a tan line from the strap! It is so much easier to maneuver without it, although the camera is heavy! As we finished up, we were picked up in Hummer Limos to be taken to what we like to call “Photographer’s Prom”.

Showit United Conference 2017 Gala

Showit United Conference 2017 Gala

Showit United Conference 2017 GalaShowit United Conference 2017 GalaShowit United Conference 2017 Gala

Look at this babe- Gayle Dawn PhotographyShowit United Conference 2017 Gala

Showit United Conference 2017 GalaShowit United Conference 2017 Gala


The night was filled with yummy food and crazy dancing. It was so fun to be sitting at a table with my new friends! Chad DiBlassio sat with us and I really loved listening to the way he asked questions and was truly interested in whomever he was talking to.


Do you like the dark, dramatic style or light and fun style? Has this ever happened to you when using different photographers?

November 14, 2017

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