Usery Mountain Mesa Engagement Session – Camille and Andrew

I had a wonderful time with these beautiful people in this beautiful place! This is probably the most sun flare I have ever done, but the light at sunrise at the Usery Mountains was too good to pass up! Here is their love story as told by Camille below-


How they met:
“Andrew and I met through……. brace yourselves….. Tinder! What made us both initially interested in each other is just how much we have in common! We both went to school for Choral Music Education, we both lead worship at churches, we had a similar upbringing, it was kind of crazy at first how well we fit! We met each other in person right away, and pretty much from then on we were inseparable. I know I definitely felt something notably different about him right away. I guess it’s true that when you know, you just know. We now give piano lessons together and perform here and there as well!”


How he proposed:
“Oh goodness, the proposal… haha, certainly not what I had expected, but sweet and heartfelt none the less!
We were in Maine, at Andrew’s parents’ house, for Christmas and New Years, and for this desert girl, I was DYYYYING from the cold. It was negative 13 degrees. It’s past cold. It’s pain. And I was not about it. It was New Years Eve, and we decided to brave the cold, and go downtown to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the community New Years celebration. We bundled up as much as possible, and immediately regretted it.. haha! So we ran into a coffee shop, got some warm drinks, and just kept hopping into the next nearest warm place we could, just trying to tough it out until the fireworks. It was at about this time that I started freaking out a little bit.. We had discussed possibly moving to New England after we got married, and now after experiencing the level of cold, I was more than turned off on the idea of living there; so I mentioned that to Andrew. Keep in mind, we’re in a coffee shop in this small town sitting in a window seat having this argument/discussion/disagreement or whatever it was… so sit com-ish, haha! We talked it through, and hugged it out, and went next door and got a much needed drink, both for the stress and the cold. Afterwards we ran out to see as many fireworks as we could bear before the cold got too much, and we ran back to the car laughing the whole way. We drove home, I took off my 5+ layers and plopped on the bed upstairs. Andrew was behind me, and I just heard, “Camille….. Camille…. CAMILLE…..” I definitely knew what was coming, and I was nervous to turn around! I turned and saw him down on one knee with the ring, and he just said, “Camille, will you PLEASE marry me,” almost exhausted and laughing through it, and I just hugged him and cried. His parents came home right after, and we told them the news, then we stayed up till midnight by the tree, playing board games and eating Thai Food in the snow. 🙂


What they are most looking forward to with their marriage:
” think I speak for both of us that we are most excited to move this summer. We settled on North Carolina (still east coast, just not as freezing..) and we’ll be leaving early August for a cross country move! Neither of us are from North Carolina, but we wanted to move somewhere neither of us are familiar with, and make it our home together. It seriously cannot come soon enough!” Which is so funny because that is where my husband and I want to go!


Their favorite part of the session:
“I LOVED this photo session. Kaci did such a great job at getting the sweet poses to look natural. Her prompts kept us comfortable and also ensured genuine actions. I found that taking pictures with Andrew was such a bonding experience that I didn’t expect. It was really just a sweet time! I’m also so proud of Andrew for taking it so seriously.. he’s such a jokester and not always the most comfortable with the super mushy/romantic things, but he did SO well, and looked SO handsome! 🙂

Andrew said his favorite part of the photo shoot was changing into the causal clothes and getting naked while cars drove by, and also the breakfast I bribed him with after the shoot was over…. what a punk, haha!”

I loved taking their photos, they are seriously so funny! I am so excited for you two to get married and go on a new adventure together in North Carolina!


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Usery Mountain Mesa Engagement Session – Camille and Andrew