How We Met – Our Love Story Part 1

In the middle of the semester, in a small classroom, in a community college, in Salt Lake, sat little old me surrounded by boys in a Physics lecture. We had a kooky teacher. He loved to go on rants about time travel and other random science-fiction theories. He split us into groups one day and that is when I first noticed him.

He was super skinny and goofy. We had an assignment to create electricity with magnets, which looked like we were doing naughty things with magnets so of course us freshman thought we were hilarious kids. I had a boyfriend at the time actually so I didn’t think much of this encounter; it was just another instance where I always end up hanging with the boys instead of girls.

A few weeks later we ended up sitting a few seats from each other during a test. I waved hi to him as he was chewing on a pen that then leaked all over his face. I signaled to him that he had stuff on his chin and he blushed. It was straight out of a romantic comedy movie. We started the test-it was open book. I had studied and marked my pages. He didn’t study at all or even open his book. Yet, both of us passed. We were very different types of students haha. He still didn’t know my name at this point. He admitted he looked at my test and thought he saw “Rose”. I think he just associated me with Rose because I always wore rose earrings back then. Later he stole my phone teasingly, which I thought was to get my number, but it was just to try and figure out my name.

By the end of the semester we had our own little group in the corner of the class. One of our classmates Alex said that Ben and I were going to get married (still had a different boyfriend at the time lol).  I liked Ben but was trying to break it off with the guy I was with first.

I invited our little group all to go to the end of the year school party with me- “The Bruin Bash”.  Only Ben showed up. I told him “I’m sorry no one else came, I hope this isn’t awkward for you”. He responded with “Oh”…Later he told me he thought it was a date! He didn’t know I invited everyone. We were inseparable that night. We hit the oxygen bar

Kaci Lou and Ben Love Story How we met

watched a comedian who made a weird looking sword out of balloons…this is our first real picture together <3

Kaci Lou and Ben Love Story How we met

Kaci Lou and Ben Love story how we met


I got whisked away by a mime. Ben may have gotten a little jealous…

Kaci Lou and Ben Love story How we met


We ended the night dancing and for the last dance he dipped me and it was a total perfect kiss moment, but he did not. We parted ways. On my way back to my car I called my boyfriend and broke up with him.

The semester was over, I wasn’t sure if I would see Ben again. We had become facebook friends and exchanged numbers. The next week he invited me out for ice cream. I suggested the spaghetti factory since it was close. I insisted we sit in the trolley. The next time we hungout I took him to Moki’s to try Hawaiin ice cream-which they only had soft serve at the time so that was kind of disappointing. Then I had to leave early for a friend’s wedding.

Our last non-date date (I wasn’t sure if he even liked me still) was on the day the the world was supposed to end. The only reason I remember the exact day haha May 21st 2011. We went to the Rusted Sun pizzzeria, which is probably the best pizzeria I have ever been too! We split a calzone. Then we walked around, you know as broke college kids do to hang out. There was a car for sale and it was unlocked so of course I told Ben we had to check out the inside. He felt like a criminal haha. Then I also made him hop a fence, which I was wearing a dress, but I always wore shorts underneath because I know I will be doing something adventurous no matter where I go. He thought that was neat. We were in an abandoned parking lot with a fountain in the middle-I hopped in the fountain and got Ben to come in with me. Ben took this photo of me on his phone from that day.

Kaci Lou Photography Love Story Part 1-How we met


PS this was back when I was going to school for Political Science, Biology, and Photography…I couldn’t make up my mind. I always carried around my little GE point and shoot though. Ben was one of the first people to tell me that I should be a photographer. Just also wanted to say thank goodness for progress…photos from 7 years ago versus the beautiful photos I take now! I couldn’t find the digitals from that time, but I printed them all in black and white and put them in chronological order in a little photo book for a wedding gift to Ben.


Hope you enjoy reading our love story and I would love to hear yours! Comment below or message me 🙂

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How We Met – Our Love Story Part 1