Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Photos – Janae and Paul

We were thinking about taking their engagement photos at Silver Lake, but I heard that they were starting to be really strict with what photographers can and can’t do so I drove up there to check it out first. There was a designated small trail made of wood planks circling the lake. You couldn’t go off the trail which is understandable but left very little options for good photo spots. It was pretty but also really hazy-partially from the lake but also there was a lot of smog in Salt Lake that day. It was packed with families, children and strollers. I was not feeling that place for these two love birds. I drove back down the mountain to some spots I had seen just off the road that looked great. The first outfit photos were taken right off the road, ontop of a big rock 🙂 and I love how they turned out! Also, check out his shirt…I love tigers!!!


Here is Janae and Paul’s love story as told by Janae:

How they fell in love-

“Although we hate to admit it, Paul and I originally met on Tinder. We messaged for a few weeks and finally agreed to meet in person. Our first date was a whirlwind adventure that started out at Pinballz Arcade in Austin, Texas. The air conditioning was broken, so dripping sweat (from either the heat or being nervous), he kicked my butt at everything. Most importantly, he whooped me at air hockey, which soon became “our thing”. Now we have to play it at every place that has it and he still always wins! After the arcade, we had stuffed avocados for dinner at Trudy’s Tex-Mex and then went bowling, where I finally kicked his butt at something! After a long and wonderful night, he dropped me back off at my house. I was, of course, expecting a kiss when he walked me to the door, but he just told me he had a great time, hugged me and left. I figured that was a bad sign and that there wouldn’t be a second date. However, the next day he messaged me to see if I wanted to go with him to the inner space caverns nearby. On the guided tour, the guide mentioned that water drips from the cave walls and if it lands on you it is called a “cave kiss”. He whispered in my ear asking if he could give me a cave kiss and when I turned around, he pulled me in for our first kiss. That was the moment I started falling for him. I knew that at the end of the summer I would be applying for veterinary schools and he would be finishing up his term with the Army and moving back to Florida, but we still made the most of the rest of the summer and the time we had. Summer eventually came to an end and we weren’t ready to give up on what we had, so we decided to try a long distance relationship. Although it was hard, we made it work and talked on the phone every single night. After deciding that I was going to attend veterinary school in Utah, he gave up his dreams of going to Florida State University and being near his family to move across the country with me. If that didn’t prove his love for me, I don’t know what would. With one exception.. the fact that although he is very allergic to cats, he knew that I absolutely loved cats, so when we moved to Utah, we went to look for our first pet together and ended up with the two cutest kittens in the world. Powering through the sniffles and watery eyes, he took Benedryl every day until he acclimated to them, so that I could have both of my biggest loves in my life, him and my kitties. Day after day he continues to show me how much he loves me and is the best cat dad in the entire world!”

First of all, so many of my couples have met on Tinder! It gets a bad rap! I think it is so cool there is a simple app that can bring people together for a lifetime of happiness 🙂 Second of all, I LOVE AIR HOCKEY! It is my jam. I beat my entire family once-cousins, uncles, brothers, and all haha. Such a romantic first kiss. That is true love when they don’t want to move too fast. My husband had several times where he dipped me and was real close to my lips, but didn’t kiss me. He waited until he had flowers and our longest date ever to kiss me <3


The Proposal-
“Paul planned the entire proposal himself so that it was a complete surprise to me! He wanted to go visit his family for a week in Florida, while we had a summer break from school and he just so happened to plan it so that our three year dating anniversary fell during that time. He booked us a resort in Orlando and bought us tickets for Disney World, since I had never been there before. When we first got into the park, he mentioned how he wanted to get our picture taken in front of the Cinderella castle before it got too crowded, so we headed right there. He whispered something in the photographers ear, but I didn’t really think anything of it. We took the first picture just posing in front of the castle and then he turned me around and grabbed my hand. He got on one knee and asked if I would marry him, holding up a beautiful ring. Of course I said yes and the rest happened so fast that I don’t remember everything! Luckily the photographer knew he was going to propose and took a whole series of shots! Months before, I had hinted that Zales had a Disney Enchanted ring collection, but had never specifically told him what style I liked or anything. He completely surprised me with the Merida (from Brave) ring that has the bow and arrow holding up the pear shaped diamond. I was instantly in love with it! I showed it off in every single picture we took the rest of the day and couldn’t help but have the biggest smile on my face. After being together for exactly three years, I knew I was in love with him, but I had never loved him more than in that moment I saw him kneeling in front of me. ”

Oh my heart! What a magical, dreamy proposal!!!!


What are you most excited about for your wedding and marriage?
“To go along with our Disney themed proposal and engagement ring, we are designing a Disney’s Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, with lots of roses and candles! I am extremely excited to see how gorgeous the entire thing is going to be. I am also excited for our families to meet for the first time. My family absolutely adores him and his family loves me too, so I am glad they will finally get to meet each other. There is nothing more heartwarming than expanding your family and I am so blessed to have found one as wonderful as his to join. For our marriage, I am excited to continue building our friendship and strengthening the love we have even further. Paul is my biggest support system and I could not have made it through my first half of veterinary school without him. As we both continue our educations and move even further across the country, having each other’s love and support will be essential. Also, seeing how wonderful he is with our cats, I know he will be an amazing father and I am so excited to see him in that role. ”


What was your favorite part of the photo session?
“My favorite part about the photo session was just how close I felt to Paul throughout the whole thing. I never once felt awkward, even having to touch teeth to teeth or stare at each other for five minutes straight! He always found a way to make me laugh and remind me why I am so lucky to have him in my life. Of course the scenery was absolutely stunning too! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend one of our last days in Utah. Paul said his favorite part of the session was figuring out the “princess hold” pose. Probably because he got to grab my butt 😉 ”

I loved working with these two because they were so easy going and by the end, they had poses they wanted to do that turned out amazing!!!


My favorite part was when Paul would give Janae piggy back rides so she wouldn’t have to walk in her wedges 🙂 you two are so in love, I know your marriage will be amazing! I wish you the most happiness together!
Thank you for going on an adventure with me 🙂

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Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Photos – Janae and Paul