Horseshoe Bend Engagement Photos – Alex and Taylor

My son and I climbed some wavy rocks to get a scenic view of the river by the Glen Canyon Dam. 1000 foot drop along each side makes your heart race, but is so pretty! On the way back to my husband and daughter chilling in the minivan, it start to drizzle. Dark ominous clouds were rolling in from the west covering up the sun eek! As soon as we were in the minivan, it was like the clouds burst! It started pouring down as we drove to Horseshoe Bend for these engagement photos. I opened my umbrella (for the first time since I got it) and the wind flipped it around, inside out, and back and forth rendering it useless in the storm. I have never shot in the rain before so I started to get a little worried about my gear. I packed it safely in my backpack and headed out with my monstrous boots on so I make it through the red mud. I also started to worry about my couple. My hair went wild with the humidity, rain, and wind, I wouldn’t want all the time my client spent on her hair to go to waste! Or her mascara to run! Or their nice clothes to get drenched. Fortunately, by the time we started the hike, the rain had let up!


The hike to Horseshoe Bend really wasn’t that bad. Half of it uphill, half down. It probably only took us 20 minutes or less. It was only hard because we had to carry my 2-year-old daughter. My son had a blast running and jumping off big rocks. My dog wanted to meet every person on the trail. I am so grateful my husband came with me. It was awesome to share the experience of seeing Horseshoe Bend for the first time with my little family. The couple was actually just a few minutes behind us. We changed shoes, took in the views, and got to work. It was really crowded so the most difficult part was waiting to use a spot or hiking further along the river to an unpopulated view. Even then, I had to photoshop people out of several of these photos below.


Not long after we started, it began to rain again. We decided to try out some in the rain shots (I was totally thinking about The Notebook movie the whole time). They turned out so magical! Alex and Taylor look so good and so in love. I am really grateful they made the road trip up from Phoenix to take these photos with me 🙂 Their Horseshoe Bend Engagement Photos turned out pretty epic I must say!


I am so excited for these two to get married in September! Love you both!

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Horseshoe Bend Engagement Photos – Alex and Taylor