How to know if he will propose!

My husband proposed on a whim- no ring even! He had been dropping hints for some time though like what kind of wedding dresses he liked, how he wanted birth stones in the ring. I sent him pictures of rings I liked and my ring finger size.  I told him I wouldn’t say yes to a proposal without a ring (not materialistic, just that I wanted him to think about it since it is a lifelong commitment). He made it up to me though by proposing 3 other times with actual rings! After working with so many couple’s as a wedding photographer and hearing their proposal stories, I thought I would share some giveaways that your man will propose! Here are 5 signs your man is about to pop the question!



1) They take charge of planning a family gathering

A very popular way to propose is with your family surrounding you, this could be during Thanksgiving dinner, on Christmas, New Year’s Eve or on a family vacation.

2) He starts acting out of character

What I hear the most is that they start acting odd, secretive and you can tell something is up 🙂

3) He tells you to get a manicure

Or maybe even a full spa day to spoil you. He knows you will want to get a ring selfie so he makes sure your nails are on point.

4) Your man tries to get your ring size

Maybe one of your rings is missing or maybe he blatantly asks you or even ties a string around your finger ha

5) He becomes super frugal!

Saving up for the perfect ring and your new life together! My husband was adamant that I got real diamonds though I cared very little about the cost of the ring, it could be cubic zirconia for all I care.


What other signs have you noticed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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How to know if he will propose!