3 Reasons Why I am a Wedding Photographer

Why I’m a Wedding Photographer

Have you ever watched “The Wedding Planner” with J-Lo? It starts off with her playing with a barbie doll bride that is getting married to Ken. I think lots of little girls were that way, but not me. I was a bit of a tomboy, bit of a nerd. I was always very independent and planned on getting a college degree before ever starting a family. I suppose it stemmed from my mother having me so young and how hard it was for us. But then I met Ben – my now husband – and we have two amazing kids.

I still can’t believe I ended up being a wedding photographer. When I went to college for photography, all of my teachers were art snobs that thought weddings were beneath them. I never considered wedding photography until I had a couple reach out to me to do their engagement photos. I loved it so much I knew I had to try a wedding. After photographing my first wedding, I was hooked!

Wedding photography isn’t for everybody. It is the Olympics of photography because you have to be able to deal with any kind of lighting situation on the fly. It is pretty high stress since you only have one shot at the photos and usually have a strict timeline. You have to be a photojournalist, a couple’s photographer, a family photographer (sometimes a therapist lol), a stylist, a product photographer, and know how to use natural light as well as flash. But with all the stress, comes the pure joy of watching a couple vow their love for each other. Plus, you know I love to dance and the food is always amazing! Here are my three main reasons why I am a wedding photographer below:

Utah Wedding Photographer - Kaci Lou Photography

1. Marriage

I knew Ben was the one. He taught me that marriage doesn’t mean giving up my life, but working as a team towards our goals. Our marriage is something that we have to work on daily. We have to be selfless. He has made me a better person and I hope I can return the favor. Now, I am big advocate for marriage and love helping couples prepare for and begin their married life. I get to show people how beautiful they are and take photos that remind them of how much they are loved. It is my goal to create photos that spark that feeling of love, so when my couples see it on their wall, they will be reminded of how much they love each other.

Wedding Guest with Groom - Utah Wedding Photographer Kaci Lou Photography2. Photos are all we have Left

Whenever I have lost someone close, the first thing I do is search for all of the photos that I have of them. When people pass away, photos are our last connection to them. The above photo is of one of my grooms and one of his best friends. When I followed up with the bride just a couple weeks after her wedding, I found out their friend had died unexpectedly. This was the last photo ever taken of him…and it was taken by me. It is daunting, but such an honor, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I take photos of every single guest. So many guests don’t want their photo taken, but really this is for the wedding couple to have this memory of you. Plus everyone is all dressed up and so happy at weddings, there are very few times when all of your family and friends are gathered in one place like that. Photos are so important!

3. Friendship

Sleepy Ridge Wedding Photo - Utah Wedding Photographer - Kaci Lou Photography

This is a by-product of my amazing job that I never prepared for. Most of my couple’s book me at least a year in advance, during that time we form a lasting friendship. We follow each other on social media. We go on an adventure for their engagement photos. On their wedding day it is like watching my best friend get married 🙂 I am just overjoyed to be a part of it all.

I am introverted and by no means was I ever a popular girl. I’ve always just had a few close friends (usually boys at that lol). After graduating high school in Arizona, I moved to Utah for college and became especially lonely because I didn’t know anyone my age in Utah. I made some friends and married Ben, but married life is secluded too. It wasn’t until I got involved in the wedding industry that I really found my community. I have made so many photographer friends and vendor friends that I truly love and can hang out with. They have helped me through some hard times. Plus, they really understand the hustle and roller coaster of entrepreneurship.

I am so grateful for all the new friends that I have now, truly grateful <3

Utah Wedding Photographer

So there you have it! My top 3 reasons why I’m a wedding photographer 🙂 I am based out of Utah but travel frequently to Arizona (they have different off seasons woo!). I would love to be your wedding photographer if you are getting married! You can contact me HERE

Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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3 Reasons Why I am a Wedding Photographer