How to Get Married in a National Park

How to Get Married in a National Park

I love weddings that take place in beautiful places. I feel like it is easier to focus on the love when we are somewhere peaceful and intimate. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get married in a national park like Zion National Park, Yellowstone, Yosemite or even the Grand Canyon? It can seem overwhelming with the paperwork but it actually is pretty easy and affordable to do. Here are 3 quick tips to planning your US national park wedding.

How to get married in a National Park Kaci Lou Photography Grand Canyon

1. Apply for a national park special use permit.

To have your wedding in a national park you will need to apply and pay for a special use permit. The cost and restrictions vary from park to park, depending on the size and popularity of the park. To get started visit  then type in the park you want to get married in + wedding and you will find the proper info (ex. Grand Canyon Wedding).

2. Decide where in the national park you want to get married at.

Most parks have a few ceremony locations for you to choose from and they may let you choose your own place. Choosing the right ceremony site is key to having your dream wedding. Will your guests be able to make it there (if you are inviting guests)? Are you going to have tourists walking by every few minutes interrupting the moment? Will that location work for the kind of photos you want? Hire a wedding planner and wedding photographer that can help you choose the best spot.

3. Plan out the logistics for getting married in a national park.

Since your wedding will take place in a national park, you have to consider all the rules and restrictions of the park. Know that you will have to bring in most everything you need unless you find a hotel or lodge in the park that you can use. Most parks do not allow you to bring in fresh florals, decor, chairs, etc. Here are some things you will probably need to have your wedding in a national park.

  • A shuttle to take guests to your ceremony site
  • Bathrooms for you and your guests
  • Backup plans in case it rains
  • Silk or wood florals
  • Shoes to hike in
  • An officiant and a witness
  • Marriage license from the state the national park is in

My best advice is to keep it simple, the less stress the better! National Parks are a beautiful backdrop for your wedding and you don’t need much more than that to make your wedding day amazing.

I hope that helps you get started on planning your wedding in a national park! I have written a 15 page PDF with more information, examples, vendor options and more for you. It is free to download just enter your email so I can send it to you!

How to get married in a national park guide

Free PDF Download!

If you are looking for some national park wedding inspiration, check out this bridals in Zion National Park here. Please share with your engaged friends that would love to get married in a national park! I would love to hear what national park is your favorite in the comments below 🙂

If you are still looking for your wedding photographer, I would be happy to help you get started on planning your national park wedding! You can contact me at



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How to Get Married in a National Park