My Top 3 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day

I have been to so many amazing weddings over the years! Every wedding is totally different which I love because every couple’s love is totally unique. Though, I have noticed some common occurrences that can cause stress for the bride. I want you to have a stress-free wedding you and your fiance deserve it! You should only have to focus on what is important! Which is marrying your best friend right?

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“She made the whole day stress free. I had such an amazing time, and what made the day even better was that now I can look back and remember the fun & happy moments from our wedding day!” – Christina, a Kaci Lou Bride


Here are my top 3 tips so that you can have a stress-free wedding

1. Start hair and makeup as early as possible!

I am not saying you have to wake up at 4am to start getting ready (but hey you do you) but I am saying cushion a lot of time (1-2 hours) into the beginning of your day. Every wedding that has gotten behind on the timeline was because the hair and makeup ran behind. I had one bride that was 45 minutes late to the ceremony ouch! Nothing is more stressful than being late or having no time for portraits later in the day!

  1. Make sure to do a trial with your hair and makeup artist, this will give you a feel for how long it will take as well as let you get exactly the style you want on your wedding day.
  2. If possible hire someone for your makeup and a separate artist for your hair so they can be done at the same time!
  3. Hire an HMUA that has assistants so they can be doing your bridesmaids hair and makeup at the same time as yours.
  4. If you are hiring a single artist, be sure to have your hair and makeup done FIRST! That way you can get more photos! And if you run out of time, the bridesmaid’s looks are not nearly as important as yours.
  5. Padding time into the beginning of the day will help you solve any snafus that happen during travel or the setup of your ceremony/reception. It also allows time to open gifts or read letters to each other making your day extra special!

Even if you get down early, you get time to relax and hang with your friends! Soak it all in instead of feeling rushed all day.

2. Hire a day of coordinator for your wedding!

A lot of brides don’t even realize these vendors exist, but a day of wedding coordinator will make your day so much smoother! Their job is to handle any technical questions about the setup and keep everyone on time. They are like your little ultra-awesome assistant for the day and will help you with whatever you need. Unlike a wedding planner who helps you design your wedding and choose vendors from the very start, the day of coordinator is only with you on the day of the wedding to keep everything running smoothly. I once had a bride that didn’t have one and she got bombarded with questions while she was trying to put her wedding gown on…

“Where should we put the water bottles”

“The aisle runner won’t stay down, what do we do?” (which I had white duct tape on hand to help with that!)

“Your mother is going to be 30 minutes later”

“People are not sure where to sit until the ceremony starts”

“Who do we talk to about playing your slideshow” etc

I do help with planning the timeline so you can get the best photos, but I am not a day of coordinator. I am 100% concerned with getting the best possible photos for you and that you are happy. The day of coordinator helps with everything else!

Anniversary Photos Sharay and Leo by Kaci Lou Photography-9371

“Man, I wish you were a bridesmaid!” – Sharay, A Kaci Lou Bride

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Weddings are full of bliss, but I can almost guarantee that something will go amiss. But guess what, that is OKAY 🙂 People ask me all the time “Have you worked with any bridezillas”…NOPE! I am a pretty laid back, go with the flow gal and I prepare my brides well enough that they never freak out over anything. Seriously, I LOVE all my brides. They are just so excited to be getting married that nothing else can bother them!


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I hope you found these tips helpful! I would love to hear your tips for a stress-free wedding day in the comments below!

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My Top 3 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day