12 Must Have Wedding Photos

10 must have photos from your wedding day!

Your wedding day will go by in a blink of an eye! Months of planning and anticipation gone in one short day. Most everything will fade away after. The flowers will wilt, your gown will be tucked away, the food will (well you know where it will go). Photos will be all you have to look back on this day 5, 10, 50 years from now. Make sure you get the photos of what is important to you! Here are my top 10 favorite kinds of wedding photos:

1)First kiss as husband and wife with your guests in the background.

“You may now kiss your bride”! A photograph of your first kiss with your guests cheering in the background is so much more sentimental and joyful than one with the officiant watching you makeout! Also an easy way to get a photo with you and all the guests. I love the look from the officiant’s point of view!

Husband and Wife First Kiss Photo with Guests in BackgroundHusband and Wife First Kiss Photo with Guests in Background

2)Your fiance seeing you for the first time on your wedding day

I love wedding day first looks! Where you and your fiance see each other alone for the first time before the ceremony. It is a great way to get some extra, beautiful portraits as well as calm your nerves before the wedding. First look photos are the best! Read more on first looks and why you should do one in this blog post

First look as wedding day bride and groom
First Look between bride and groom before ceremony with a red barn corner

First look on wedding day photo

3)Your father seeing you for the first time on your wedding day

These are just as sweet as your first look with your fiance! Daddy-daughter wedding first look photos are too sweet!

Father Daughter First LookFather Daughter First look

4)The bridal party photo

Bridal party photos are a wonderful way to remember all the good times with your best friends on your wedding day.

Bridal Party Photo

Full Bridal Party PhotoWedding Party Photo

5)Photo of you and your husband with your beautiful space

You picked your ceremony site for a reason! Get an epic landscape photo to remember how beautiful it is!

Desert Wedding PhotoPapago Park Wedding Photos | Maria and Aaron Bridals by Arizona Wedding Photography Kaci Lou Photography

6)First Dance as husband and wife on your wedding day

I just love dancing first of all! Secondly, besides your first look and photos, this is really the only alone time you two get during the wedding. Soak it all in!

First Dance as Husband and wife

First Dance as husband and wife

First Dance as Husband and Wife

7)Veil photos or Hair Pieces

Veil Bridal photos can be really fun to play with! Not doing a veil? You can still get beautiful photos of your wedding day hair and/or hairpiece!

Husband and Wife Veil Photo

Butterfly Crown Bride Photo by Kaci Lou Photography

8)Bouquet and wedding florals

Flowers bring me so much joy! Make sure to capture your beautiful bouquet on your wedding day because your photos will last but your bouquet will wilt. (unless of course you opt for silk or wood flowers, but still you need photos of you holding it in your wedding gown!)

Bouquet Bride Photo

Ogden Temple Wedding by Kaci Lou Photography-5939

Bride Bouquet

9)”We did it” photo walking past all your guests as husband and wife

These are always the happiest photos of the day! Right after the ceremony because you are now husband and wife.

Bride and groom exit ceremony

10)Special wedding exit photos

A great way to end the night in style! There are so many options for your wedding exit- sparklers, paper airplanes, lavender, leaf confetti, etc Wedding exit photos are always so much fun!

Bubbles Wedding Exit

Blue and Peach Ogden Wedding Photo - Ogden Wedding Photographer

Sparkler Exit

11) Wedding Ring Photo

On your hands or off, it is great to have a photo of your wedding rings together on your actual day. This photo ties everything together!

Blue and Peach Ogden Wedding Photo - Ogden Wedding PhotographerVilla Siena Wedding Photo Arizona Wedding Photographer

Blue and Peach Ogden Wedding Photo - Ogden Wedding Photographer

12)A Thank You Photo

Your hand will be cramped writing out all your thank you notes for your guests. Take a thank you note photo to send to them instead (or in addition too if you are really thoughtful and have good handwriting).

Bride and Groom Thank you

If these are your must have photos, I would love to capture them for you! I am a wedding photographer based out of Utah and available for travel. Reach out to me here

I want to know what your must have wedding photos are in the comments below!

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12 Must Have Wedding Photos