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How to Get Work Done with Young Children at Home

I started my photography business officially in the beginning of 2017, with a 2 year old and 4 year old at home. Luckily, they both have late birthdays so they get to be the oldest in their public school classes. But this means, I have had to start and grow my business with two little children at home.

Are you in a similar situation? Feeling guilty for letting your kids watch tv while you work? Or maybe you feel guilty for neglecting your own dream to take care of them. Either way, STOP!

I have found the best way to grow your business and to take care of my kids at the same time, is to have a plan. Your plan CANNOT include multitasking. You can’t spend time with your kids, while you are emailing your clients. Your kids will feel ignored and less important than your work. Your work will suffer because your clients don’t have your undivided attention.

This post is not so much about finding extra time in the day, while this is totally possible, that deserves another post entirely. This post is about getting more productive work time, affordably (cheaper than daycare or hiring a babysitter/nanny). Here are my 5 top ways to get work done with young children at home.

Work While They Sleep

I bet you are already doing this. I am a night owl so I will work 2-4 hours after the kids go to sleep only if my husband is out of town. If my husband is in town, I try my best to go to sleep when he does. Just be careful to take care of yourself. Being a mom is already exhausting enough and your kids deserve the best version of you.

McDonald’s Playplace

Or any other food with a playplace (Carl’s Junior, Chuckee Cheese, Peter Piper Pizza etc). I sure wish there were healthier options (looking at you subway c’mon). This is my go to if I need to get on a call, write up a blog post, post on social media, or finish editing a gallery real quick. We can eat, then the kids can play for an hour or two while I work. Plus they have free wifi!


This is my new favorite spot for meetings because there is free childcare (must be potty trained and 37″-54″ inches tall). Ikea has a great restaurant too! PS be cool, always buy something if you are going to use their facilities.

Gym or Recreation Center

Our Bountiful Rec Center is only $47 a month for our family which includes all the fitness classes and they have 3 awesome pools! Childcare is only $2/hour per child. I will typically do a Zumba class for an hour then work for 1-2 hours in the lobby.

CoWorking Space

Coworking spaces vary in price, some you may pay by the hour or day or you can buy a monthly membership to share a workspace. Most coworking spaces even offer childcare starting at just $2 an hour. The Wave in Salt Lake City is my favorite! If you don’t have a coworking space near you consider starting one, even if it is just going halfsies on renting a studio with your friend. I have found that I am the most productive when I am in a dedicated, clean workspace and know my children are being taken care of by a real person (not youtube or netflix ugh).

Love Your Kids, Love Your Work

You can do both I promise! Some days you will spend more time with your kids, other days you might spend more time on work. It will never be perfect. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for love and progress.

When your kids know that you love them and put them first, they look at your work with admiration not jealousy. I want to be an inspiration for my kids to work hard and follow their dreams! Not a sore spot for our family.

I hope these tips help you and your family 🙂 What other tips do you have for growing your business while working from home with young kids?

July 30, 2019

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