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Top 10 Places to Take Photos in Utah

Where To Take Photos In Utah

Wondering where to take photos in Utah? There are so many beautiful options! I am listing my 10 favorite locations below. They are beautiful places to just visit or hike for fun. From wildflowers, to water, to mountains, there are a lot of great places to take photos here in Utah. As a portrait and wedding photographer, I love taking my clients to these magical places to capture some memories in epic landscapes. These Utah places are great for family photos, engagement photos, wedding photos, or even some wildlife or landscape photos.

1. Take Photos in Utah with Mountains

What’s more Utah, than our beautiful mountains? We live “life elevated” right?! I love Logan Canyon, Ogden Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Provo Canyon, and Diamond Fork Canyon for photos. If you want some with the mountains as the backdrop but not wanting to hike or drive too far into the wild, Ensign Peak or a rooftop in Salt Lake City are great options!

Engagement Photos in Utah Mountains

2. Take Photos in Utah with Blossoms and Wildflowers

Utah has spectacular wildflowers throughout the state. Usually blooming in June-August, you can find patches along the roads almost anywhere you go. To see fields of beautiful wildflowers I love Albion Basin. People travel from all over the world to see that place now. The Albion Campground opens after July 20th and you have to have a permit to do any commercial filming or photography but it is so worth it!

Photos in a Poppy Field

I also love wild poppies! The 2 best spots I know are in Alpine and The Mantua Poppies (Box Elder Campground).

Poppy Field Engagement Photo

3. Take Photos in Utah with Blossoms

Usually around March/April the trees will start to blossom here in Utah. They are so beautiful for portraits! They vary from white, to pink, to dark pinks and purple flowers. You can also find lots of these trees driving around Utah on the side of the road. There are private properties that have acres of them that you can ask to take photos of. My favorite place to take photos of the Utah Cherry Blossoms is at the Capitol.

The Capitol Blossoms

The Utah State Capitol has a dirt pathway circling the building that is lined with cherry blossoms. They are a gorgeous light pink and usually only last 2 weeks. The capitol does announce when they are getting ready to bloom on social media so you can check to see when is best to visit!

Engagement Photos at Utah Capitol With Blossoms

4. Bonneville Salt Flats

This is a place that you need to visit twice! Not just because it is so beautiful, but because the salt flats have a dry and wet season. During wet season, typically February-April. When it is dry, it looks like a white, glittery desert complete with pentagon lines from the lack of water. When it is wet (about 1cm-1foot deep is all) it looks like a giant flat lake that reflects the sky. You can also see the salt lines underneath.

To get to the Bonneville Salt Flats is about an hour and a half from Salt Lake City (almost Wendover). There is a rest stop where you can park while you check out the flats. It is windy there and I highly recommend water shoes/boots if you go in wet season. The salt will exfoliate and burn bare feet after a few minutes.

Bonneville Salt Flats Utah Wedding Photos

5. Antelope Island

Antelope island has some really cool options to take photos at. The island itself is pretty large, it takes over almost hour from the entrance to drive to the other end of the island! There is an old ranch you can tour with lots of old machinery and rustic wood. There are a lot of open fields where you can see a giant herd of wild buffalo! There are also beaches and tall wheat next to the Great Salt Lake. Just be aware of all the gnats in the summer!

Antelope Island Engagement Photos

6. Take Photos in Moab, Utah

Photos at Arches

Arches National Park includes so many incredible rock formations to take photos of. You do need a permit to film or take photos there for commercial purposes, but again well worth it!

Photos at Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point State Park has the most incredible views! You might think you are at the Grand Canyon with how big it is. Great backdrop to take photos!

7. Zions National Park, St. George, Utah

Zion’s National Park has several amazing spots for photos. The park is very large! Be sure to account for the time it will take to park, get on the bus, and hike to your actual location. I absolutely love all the red rock there! I highly recommend staying at Under Canvas Zion’s National Park. It is glamping in canvas tents and such a fun experience.

Zion National Park Bridals

8. Little Sahara Sand Dunes

The Little Sahara Recreation Park is beautiful place here in Utah that looks like you are in Morocco or the Saharan Desert!

9. Utah Lakes

Utah Lake, The Great Salt Lake, Bear Lake, Lake Powell, Silver Lake, Tibble Fork Reservoir, and tons of smaller lakes and ponds are available for beautiful photos. I love Cecret Lake in Albion Basin because its shores are covered in wildflowers in the late summer.

10. Utah Waterfalls and Hot Springs

Bridal Veil Falls is just off the highway is beautiful and so tall! There are many smaller waterfalls you can find on the All Trails App. I also love taking a dip in the natural hot springs like 5th water hot springs or mystic hot springs. The steamy, warm water makes for awesome photos!

Battle Creek Falls Engagement Photos Utah Wedding Photographer Kaci Lou Photography for Brooke and Ryan-2110

I love using Google Earth and All Trails to find new spots for photos!

These are some of my favorite spots, where are your favorite places to take photos in Utah?

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TOP 10 places to take photos in Utah

July 3, 2019

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