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What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot and Why You Need One!

Define Boudoir

Boudoir literally defined is “a woman’s bedroom or private room”. The interpretation of what “boudoir photography” is will vary from photographer to photographer. There are definitely different types of boudoir so I wanted to let you know what I offer 🙂

Utah Boudoir Photographer
Utah Boudoir Photography Client. Shot by Kaci Lou Photography

What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot with Kaci Lou

A boudoir photo shoot with me is fun, playful, and flirty. It is about conquering fears, being vulnerable, and gaining confidence. The boudoir photo shoots I offer help women to love themselves as they are. They always leave with their heads held high, way more self-confident than before the shoot.

Sessions take place in a studio or airbnb/hotel or even client’s homes. I play all that good, sexy dance music from Ariana Grande and The Weekend. Clients typically have their hair and makeup done by a professional before hand.

Clients usually wear lingerie, robes, and sultry dresses. I want all my clients to feel comfortable and sexy! Props can include a bed covered in white sheets, vintage furniture, high socks, stillettos, pearls, diamonds, suede or fur rugs, lace, veils (for brides woo), crowns, angel wings etc.

During the session, I direct clients so they know exactly what to do. Posing is key to get the most flattering photos. I don’t use photoshop to make client’s skinnier or tanner or change anything that is apart of them. My whole goal is to help women feel more confident in their own skin.

Photos remain private in a facebook group for women only. (You can join here) Any photos I use for advertising have express permission from my client to do so. I would never share a photo of someone, that I wouldn’t share of myself!

What a Boudoir Photo Shoot with Kaci Lou is Not

A Boudoir Photo shoot with me is not-

  1. Naked, nude, slutty or pornographic. I am not comfortable going that far and I don’t think it is necessary for ladies to feel confident and sexy.
  2. For couples. Intimacy between couples should remain between them. I photograph weddings and engagement sessions where things can get steamy but I don’t want to see any further than that.
  3. For dudes. I am a married woman, just as I wouldn’t want my husband taking photos of other women scantily clad, I won’t take photos of men scantily clad. Call me prude all you want, I call it staying married forever.
  4. To be shared with the world or published, not even with my family and friends. Boudoir is super private and vulnerable, I don’t want to take that privacy from you.
My own Boudoir Photo (Kaci Lou) shot by Emina Boudoir in AZ.

Why you should get your own boudoir photos done!

I get my own boudoir photos done every year 🙂 the number one reason why you should get your own boudoir photos done is – because you are worth it. You are worth feeling beautiful and confident. You deserve to be pampered once in awhile. You are worth photographing no matter your circumstances – gained weight, self-conscious, being a momma, being a wife or single – do it for you! After your boudoir session, you will feel like a new woman that can do anything!

If you are ready for your own transformation, please contact me at https://kacilou.com/contact!

August 21, 2019

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