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To the kaci lou blog

October 2, 2019

In the midst of bustling Salt Lake City, we were able to find a little peace and quiet at Memory Grove Park. We had a ton of fun exploring downtown along the way. These Salt Lake City engagement photos have so much variety because we just stopped wherever there was a pretty spot as we […]

September 26, 2019

We entered into another world. Crossing from the flat shrubbery desert to white soft sand that stretched for miles. We couldn’t even tell how amazing and endless the dunes were until scaling to the top of one. I was warned that White Sands was windy and full of bugs, but it was neither for us. […]

September 20, 2019

Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona Growing up just a block from each other, sharing a heart for adventure, and obsession for cacti, Brittany and Mark picked Lost Dutchman State Park for their engagement photos. It was the perfect place to show their love for each other and the outdoors. The sunrise was magical, with clouds […]

August 17, 2019

The Bonneville Salt Flats here in Utah are so unreal! These photos look like a studio painted backdrop or some crazy photoshop, but I promise, this is really what that place looks like! I love, love, love flooded salt flats engagement photos because the ground reflects the sky. It is not very deep at all […]

August 15, 2019

The salty wind air perfectly swept Natalie’s dress and hair to make for some amazing La Jolla Engagement Photos with her fiance. Matt looked extra dapper in his white, crisp shirts (he usually doesn’t wear white!). Both felt at home barefoot in the sand and so in love while I took their photos. Natalie is […]

August 12, 2019

La Jolla Cove is one of my favorite places in California for Engagement Photos. Why? #1 beautiful ocean, #2 beautiful landscaping, #3 wild sea lions and seals! It is always an adventure hanging out there. This day was no different. The weather was perfect, yet the sea lions were a tad aggressive. While I was […]

August 2, 2019

Anytime at the Salt Flats, is a good time! This is one of my favorite places in Utah so I was so stoked to share it with Chanel and Cameron. I am always in awe at the vast emptiness of the flats; with the glittery, white salt stretching for miles. By far my favorite part, […]

July 19, 2019

Sedona Engagement Photos I drove from the Northern Arizona, my couple from Central Arizona, yet both of us were greeted by a heavy downpour just before reaching Sedona. Once we actually got to Cathedral Rock, it was like a magical bubble of beauty. Clouds loomed overhead, yet it didn’t rain on us. The clouds were […]

July 18, 2019

Flagstaff Engagement Photos The sun rays glided in and out of the trees in Flagstaff, creating a beautiful glow and radiating a soft warmth as we ventured down the mountain. We had the most epic time taking Rebecca and Joe’s Engagement photos in Flagstaff! We took photos at The Arboretum and Lockett Meadow, with a […]

July 3, 2019

Where To Take Photos In Utah Wondering where to take photos in Utah? There are so many beautiful options! I am listing my 10 favorite locations below. They are beautiful places to just visit or hike for fun. From wildflowers, to water, to mountains, there are a lot of great places to take photos here in […]