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In the middle of the semester, in a small classroom, in a community college, in Salt Lake, sat little old me surrounded by boys in a Physics lecture. We had a kooky teacher. He loved to go on rants about time travel and other random science-fiction theories. He split us into groups one day and […]

How We Met – Our Love Story Part 1

I was taking some flat lay photos when my dad called “Hey, how are ya” and I replied “I’m good, how are you” but I could already tell by the tone of his voice his reply “Not so good…JD died”. We only talked a couple minutes while I kept saying, “No, oh my goodness” and […]

Grieving with the Gospel

2017 was an amazing year for sure! It was the year I feel like I found my purpose. I have always loved photography and entrepreneurship but didn’t know what to do with that. I found myself getting the most excited for engagement sessions so I decided to try out wedding photography. All I knew about […]

2017 Reflection from my first year Photographing Weddings

I attended my first photography conference at the beginning of the month, Showit United 2017! I am so glad my friend Denis Karis   let me know about it! It was a big investment for me so I kept putting it off, but then they announced Jasmine Star would be there and a discount so I […]

Show it United 2017

Back in July, we took an awesome road trip to Utah for a family reunion. We stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way. It is funny that I grew up in the Grand Canyon state of Arizona, but never went until I lived in another state! I live in Arizona again and this was […]

Grand Canyon Photos

Hello Beautiful! Wow, so much has happened these last few months that I wanted to write a little update about what I am feeling and what is going on. My husband has been in Utah most of the time attending flight school, when he is able to come home it is so nice to have his […]

Big Things Coming