Creating a business that gives you freedom
Taking afternoons off to play with your kids
Becoming best friends with your clients
Empowering your clients
Being an inspiration to help others follow their dreams
Doing what you love every single day
Creating photos that you are proud of
Freedom to choose what you want to do this week

That is what I am here to help you do!

Imagine designing your life...

shop the goods to make it happen

i was once in your shoes...

I would sit in my car in the dark after finally parking at home after my day job; filled with dread that I would have to wake up again tomorrow to do this all over again. Not only that, but the small amount of time I got with my husband and kids, they got the worst of me. 

I was trapped. 

I was exhausted from not being able to be myself. I stayed at it for 3 years and finally quit in February of 2018 to do my photography full-time. 

Now, I can say that I "made it" because I design my life. I spend my days playing with my kids, going on dates with my husband, on road trips, working with the best adventurous couples out there, and creating photos I love.

I want to help you live your life with intention too!

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Photos like this don't just
happen because 

you clicked a


Literally anyone can take decent photos. My son has been taking photos since he was 2!

But great, meaningful, beautiful, consistent photos that your clients will love? That requires some work.

step one

Prepare your clients to rock their photo session

Sending a guide to your clients before the session is a win-win. Their questions get answered before they even have to ask and they know how to dress to fit your style.

Get the guide

step two

capture amazing photos straight outta camera

Learn how to choose the right spot based on light, background, and composition. Choose your camera settings and have fun posing with intention.

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step three

edit the photos

Save hours editing and have more consistency by importing your photos into Lightroom with this bright and airy preset!

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