The Longest Date Ever – Our Love Story Part 2

At this point, I still wasn’t sure if Ben liked liked me. I liked liked him of course. We met at the Living Planet Aquarium in the afternoon (when it was at the top 106th still) on May 27th, 2018. I know this because his birthday was the next day but he was going to Arizona to help his sister move. I had drawn him a little card with an elevator on it about getting older ha. My eyes lit up when I saw him with a bouquet of yellow daisies…he does like me! I saved one of the flowers <3 And apparently I vanquished a frog here, I am not sure, I thought I was cool haha

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We had a lovely time at the aquarium which is one of my favorite places. I found out Ben is afraid of sting rays. He would not pet them no matter how hard I tried to convince him they would not kill him like Steve Irwin. After we literally just walked around…for hours. We talked about anything we could think of. This was the longest date ever because he was trying to kiss me, which I just found out a couple of days ago.

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After 11PM, we were back in the Living Planet Aquarium parking lot. I was cold so he gave me his hoodie (the beginning of me stealing his clothes).  I made sure to be slow to walk to my car and fiddle with my purse. He finally kissed me. It was soft and dreamy. Then we had all sorts of kisses, soft and slow, then passionate. Ben lifted me on the trunk of my car. Eventually his alarm went off because he had to go to work the night shift at FedEx. He totally got pulled over because he was sleep deprived (maybe even love drunk lol) silly man.

This was the beginning of so many adventures and long nights. We lived an hour away from each other so that always made us want to stay together as long as possible when we could.




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The Longest Date Ever – Our Love Story Part 2