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course launches September 7th, 2020

Every student that joins before September will receive a free 30 minute phone call with Kaci Lou to answer your photography questions. 

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Hi, I'm Kaci Lou!

Ready to start taking better photos for your blog, better pics of your kids, your clients, and even better selfies?

This mini-class is for you! My photography crash course includes 5 simple steps to getting better photos no matter the place or lighting you encounter.

I'm an award-winning, published elopement photographer. I've always had a camera in my hand; even went to college for it. I want to help others take their own dream photos and share their beautiful vision with the world.



online photography

crash course

This course is for you if:

This course is not for you if:

You want to take better photos but don't have time to go to a class in person for weeks or hire a mentor.

You think you need better gear to take better photos (hint: you don't, you can take great photos on your phone!)

Sometimes you take pretty photos, but it seems like pure luck.

You want to learn flash or photoshop...this course does not include that. The course teaches you how to capture  great natural light photos in camera.

You want one on one attention or to learn in person. This is an online recorded video course.

You already have a repeatable system to take consistant photos no matter where you are.

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frequently asked questions

What is included?

What equipment do I need?

is this for professional photographers only?

7 short videos (~2 hours total) you can watch on any device with internet sharing my 5 step process to get better and more consistant photos. Bonus cheat sheet for reference when you are shooting.

Any camera will do, even your phone! I briefly go over shooting in manual mode, but following all the other steps even if you do not have manual capabilities will still improve your photos.


While professionals will benefit from this course by having a system to get more consistant photos...this crash course was made to help photographers of all levels create photos they love!

The lessons


You will learn the different kinds of natural light, white balance, reflectors and how to shoot in each situation.

Practical tips for choosing the best light for your photos.




Once you have found the right light, it is time to setup your scene. Your background is so important to make sure your subject stands out as well as maintain consistency in your photos.


You will learn how to use lines and weight to make your photos look amazing as well as where to place your subjects.




You will learn the techie side of taking the photo - what settings to use and what all the buttons mean.

I will break down all the vocabulary for you. You will learn what lenses to use in different situations.


My secret sauce! You will learn how to make people look AND feel amazing.

I teach my fluid posing process that creates candid and meaningful photos.


ready to take better photos?


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The Fine print

Must have a internet connection to view the course. Course opens September 7th, 2020 all students will have access for 1 year. Non-refundable and non-transferable.