The Proposal(s) – Our Love Story Part 4

September 2nd, 2011

Emotions were high as we setup a reconciliation date of sorts. We had just had a fight and I was done but Ben really wanted to make it work. He had the movie UP at his house which I had not seen all the way through yet so I suggested we build a fort and watch it outside. I brought some marshmallows and hot cocoa because it was starting to get really cold at night. After gathering all the blankets we could find, we made a little, cozy fort on his peach tree outside.

Engaged in a fort


We started watching Up on his laptop. The first scene always makes me teary eyed. It is the best love story, without any words and told within just a few minutes.  About half way through Ben paused the movie (I have yet to really watch it completely through in 1 sitting haha). I was a little grumbly about him pausing the movie I was watching.

“What are you doing, aren’t we gonna finish it?” I asked.  Ben pulled me closer to face him. He stared thoughtfully and lovingly into my eyes then whispered “When you’re around you are all I think about…” to which my snarky reply was “What about when I’m not around?” He responded without missing a beat “When you’re not around, I just want to be with you.” Which of course made me melt. He apologized for our fight and said he knew he wanted to be with me forever and popped the question right then and there…with no ring!!!

I told him before, I would say no if he didn’t have a ring. Not that I am materialistic-more that he would have thought about it and prepared for a proposal and marriage. I could care less about the cost of the ring. Nevertheless, I thought for a second and responded with “yes”. It just felt right. My heart fluttered. It is true what they say-that when you know you know. Ben was my 4th relationship, with all the others-I never fought with them. I just broke up with them or gave them the cold shoulder. Ben never let me do that, he still doesn’t. We learned the proper ways to communicate together. We learned to always love each other and never give up on each other.

I had to start driving home because it was over an hour drive and I worked at 6AM the next day. We made a pact not to tell our family and friends yet. Ben met me at work in the afternoon so we could go to the hot springs together. I was so excited to take him to one of my favorite places.

Engaged at the hot springs

Engaged Utah Hot Springs

engaged at the hot springs

On the hike up, he kept telling me he got a ring. I totally thought he was going to pull out a game of ring toss or some other pun like that because he was such a jokester. Plus he would not have time to go get it between the night before and us working. He pulled me onto a big beautiful rock on the river and gave me a gorgeous ring! A ring that he got from Safeway, but I absolutely loved it! We made our plans to tell our families. This is the picture we took on my laptop and used to announce it on Facebook haha this is something we didn’t grow out of…we still flash the married gang sign from time to time.

Married hand sign


Proposal 2

That was just proposal #1! The next one is the one Ben likes to tell to make fun of me, but you get to hear my side first. I was moving from one apartment (like a dorm at UVU) to another in the building next door and Ben was helping me unpack. We were about done, when he pulled out a new ring for me. Not the romantic place and time. The ring fit just right and I loved the sapphires, but I said to Ben “I told you I don’t like tiny diamonds, you could get fake diamonds for all I care but I just want 1 in the middle”. He had given me the marriage band, not the engagement ring! He chuckled and gave me the engagement ring. It was so perfect! A marquise diamond in the middle, with alternating small sapphires and diamonds on the band from The Shane Company. We had gone ring shopping together and both wanted a diamond in the middle with our birthstone on the side, but he saw my ring and another ring with ruby’s and knew I would love the sapphires much more than any other ring. I couldn’t have picked out a better one myself!


Proposal 3

Proposal 3 happened because Ben is a man of action and proposed on a whim (more than once already) because he cannot keep surprises at all! He planned this one out and it was so dreamy. He stole my rings so obviously I knew something was up. We put on our warm coats and went to temple square with 100 pennies on a hunt for a fountain. City Creek was still under construction but it had a beautiful fountain just outside of it built. We took turns making wishes out loud until Ben got to the last one, got on 1 knee, and wished that I would stay with him forever. Of course I said yes and always will!


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Kaci Lou


The Proposal(s) – Our Love Story Part 4