Saying I Love You – Our Love Story Part 3

We had the pleasure of going to our first wedding reception together.  He would make it a point to go to as many receptions as he could even if they were not that close of friends. Maybe that is why I love weddings so much because it reminds me of falling in love with Ben. The wedding was fun even though we didn’t know anyone there, Ben only knew the groom. We just stayed in our little world eating delicious little desserts.

He drove me home, but we didn’t want to part yet. I wanted some photos of us together all dressed up. Loving this self-timer and sepia combo here haha but not as much as the memory attached to this photo. Right after this was taken, Ben whispered “I love you”. I wasn’t ready to say it back yet. Mainly because I just got out of a couple of relationships and wasn’t out to be in another one just yet.

Kaci Lou Photography Love Story

Don’t worry, I told him I loved him not long after this night but in a much less romantic way. We were in the concrete parking garage of The Gateway Mall. I also think a security guard interrupted us if we needed help as we were talking by our vehicles for quite some time.

Ben and Kaci Love Story


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Saying I Love You – Our Love Story Part 3