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gear is only as good as the photographer using it

In 2020, I switched from Canon to Sony. Why? The future is mirrorless. The Sony A7 iii is way lighter and sharper. It still has 2 card slots so I can have peace of mind. 

Lighting is so much more important than gear!

But gear can make a good photographer better. The best gear upgrades you can make are going to a full frame sensor and faster (f1.2-f2.8), longer lenses.

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books & educators

I wouldn't be where I am today without constantly learning from the best teachers.

I try to read a book every month (listening to audible counts too!)

And learn something new everyday. 


While running this business, I have found so many tools that save me time and streamline the experience for my clients. 

In order to grow, you need systems in place so every client gets the same experience and you don't have to worry about forgetting something.

software & providers


Showit + Wordpress (wordpress built-in) to design + host
Easy to use drag and drop interface with beautiful templates

Lightroom import preset


The Lightroom preset I apply to my photos on import that saves me HOURS of editing time and creates beautiful, consistant images.

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