Our Wedding Photos – Our Love Story Part 5

I zipped up my wedding dress in a bathroom at church. I was oddly calm, but still excited to be marrying Ben in just a few minutes. I wasn’t one of those girls that planned out every detail of her wedding at the age of 6. I had never even really thought about it. I had always wanted independence, but here I was, about to walk down the aisle at the age of 20 and it felt completely right. I worked the day before, my boss noticed me finishing up my husband’s wedding present ( a photo album of every photo we took of ourselves together while dating)…”When’s your wedding?” I replied “Tomorrow” and he looked shocked and sent me home haha. My husband actually worked the night shift before our wedding. I suppose to us, it was just a formality, a public declaration I suppose, of something we already knew and so it kind of felt like any other day together.

We set our wedding date for a random Saturday in June so that my family could travel to Utah from Arizona while their kids were on summer break. When February rolled around, I realized it was leap year and we both couldn’t wait to be married so we decided were going to just gonna elope on leap day! I already had my dress. We just had to get my husband’s ring and suit. The rest I DIY’d which hopefully shows you what you should never DIY ha. I just bought a bouquet from the store because it was yellow and blue which we had decided were our wedding colors. It looks tacky, childish and awkwardly small for a bouquet. I added the sleeves to my dress myself. They were large and kept falling off my shoulder. I so regret not getting my dress tailored. I bought it off the rack at the amazing Brilliant Bridal and LOVE it but it didn’t fit me 100%.  I did my own makeup and wore false eyelashes for the first time ever. I also wore hair extensions for the first time ever. I did my own french manicure. I have no beauty experience and it shows!

Kaci Lou Love Story

We didn’t want anyone there besides the witnesses we needed, but his parent’s were persistent and also wanted it to be a little bit more special than a courthouse. Since we got engaged in a fort while watching UP; We thought we should get married in a fort too. We gathered up all the blankets we owned and made a fort out of PVC pipes and Christmas lights. It was a tight fit, but had a walk way and enough room for the bishop, my husband and I, my husband’s parents, and my husband’s best friend who took these pictures. At the time, I was going to college for photography and thought since I had a decent camera I could just hand it to my husband’s friend to take the pictures. This is a shameless plug to hire a professional photographer! This camera wasn’t a professional camera, it just had a pop up flash and was set to auto. We didn’t even use the proper lighting for these photos inside a dark church-like an off camera flash. Even if you are eloping you deserve to see the beauty in your wedding day forever! These photos are so grainy I am not able to get them printed for our walls. I still treasure them of course, but we plan on renewing our vows for our 10 year anniversary and getting professional photos!

Kaci Lou Love Story

We were so giddy after it was finished! We hopped in the car for a little 3 hour road trip up to Logan, Utah to stay in a themed hotel. We hit a terrible snow storm. I was so scared but just kept looking over at Ben with amazement that he was finally my husband. Kaci Lou Love Story Kaci Lou Love Story

I walked down the aisle to “If You’re a Bird” by the Scene Aesthetic. Although our love song will always be “You’re Perfect For Me” by Ron Pope, I didn’t feel like that was a walking song. We exchanged our own vows, I cried the whole time, happy tears.

This was our first kiss! He lifted me up, we didn’t even practice that!

 Kaci Lou Love Story      Kaci Lou Love Story  Kaci Lou Love Story Kaci Lou Love Story



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Our Wedding Photos – Our Love Story Part 5