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I know you’ve got a lot of decisions to make for your wedding day, like a lot a lot, but I hope I can make hiring me as your photographer an easy one

"Kaci was the calm in the chaos"

I’ve been described as a free-spirit, observant, chill, ambitious, adventurous, genuine, and caring.

Let me be your safe space on this beautiful adventure.

I want your wedding day to be better because I'm there. Because how you feel in the moment, is how you're going to feel when you look back on the photos. 

My approach to photography

& photography style

Are very unique! Please check out my portfolio to see why

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I’ve photographed over 100 believe me when I say I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.

From elopements to million dollar weddings, destination weddings, dozens of various religious and traditional ceremonies, couples of all backgrounds, ages, shapes, sizes, and colors…the happiest couples are the ones that choose a wedding day that’s what THEY want - not the wedding their parents or some wedding magazine or anybody else says they should have. 


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Core values

This is what I want my couple's to feel, in every sense of the word. It's Greek translation means unconditional love. I want my clients to feel that for each other and have tangible photos to remind them of that love. I'm an advocate for building strong marriages. I also want my clients to feel the love I have for them and God's love for them. I'm here to listen, understand, and serve!

Agape aslo means a sense of awe and wonder like jaw-dropping experiences. I seek out these experiences and love sharing them with my clients. 

Life is short and it’s a gift. I've lost loved ones younger than me. It's cliche but it really does slap you in the face that life's too short. I want to see the world and experience all it has to offer! I encourage you to go for it, have the wedding of your dreams, you only live once and you don't even know for how long. Plus, photos are all we have left of our loved ones when they pass so it's an honor to keep their memory alive through my work. 

Preserving love, preserving memories, and this beautiful Earth. I’m a certified Leave No Trace photographer. The photos we create not only freeze memories, but capture everchanging landscapes. Some of which, have already been destroyed or distorted since I've taken photos of them. I hope my photos encourage conservation and caring for these beautiful places available to us so we can continue to enjoy them. 

I’ve been married to my husband (who is a hot pilot btw) since leap day 2012 and I can tell you, marriage is the best! We eloped!

We have two awesome kids and two gorgeous doggos (a golden and a rottie). I’m the momma bear that over prepares with snacks, sewing kit, and band-aids in my purse. I’m the one that plans our trip itinerary down to the minute, but don’t worry I schedule in time for spontaneity ;)

Get to know kaci

Yea, that's me swimming with a whale shark! Crossing off my bucketlist one excursion at a time!

I've been traveling since I was a baby. My first solo flight was at 5 and I got my first camera at that time as well - a polaroid! I spent the summers camping in Utah and we vacationed all over the Southwest and Mexico growing up. 

Kaci Lou's Wedding Favorites

Favorite Photo to Capture:

My favorite wedding photo to capture are first looks. They are so full of emotion!

A first look can be set up before the ceremony between you and your partner, or you and your parents, or you and your best friends, or even you and your dog or all of the above.

Favorite Wedding Venue:

Anywhere with an epic view and nobody else around. I love untraditional wedding venues, especially out in the middle of nowhere You'll notice a theme in my portfolio - salt flats, sand dunes, beaches, deserts, etc. My aesthetic is drawn to neutrals and simplicity. Old world architecture, ruins, and castles also make my heart swoon. 

Bucketlist Weddings

Most of my bucketlist weddings I want to capture one day revolve around nature like a wedding in the ocean (ankle deep or even underwater or on a sailboat), a wedding with a rainbow, or a wedding amongst the monarch butterfly migration. Photographing an elopement on a private tropical island, or Utah's Amangiri, Morocco, or Petra, Jordan would also be a dream! 

All of them. Sorry I brought the cheesiness but it's true. I love all things weddings! My Instagram feed is 80% weddings and 20% travel. I’m so grateful that this is my career. My clients treat me like I’m a guest. I’ve been to the most beautiful places, eaten the best food, and cried during the vows too many times to count.

I cherish being a part of such an intimate day and don’t take it lightly. I'd love to hear more about you two and your wedding plans! Please fill out my contact form to get in touch!

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