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Published and award-winning traveling photographer based out of Utah.

Always down for an adventure! I love taking photos of couples the most... I love love! Not to brag or anything, but I'm basically the best 3rd wheel out there.


Bright, natural, & meaningful photos


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hi, i'm kaci lou

choose your adventure

Salt Flats


beaches & Ocean cliffs

canyons, buttes & red rocks

forests & mountains

deserts & Dunes

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Don't hire just anybody with a camera. They'll show up to click a button a few times and then go home. And all you hear them say is "Smile at the camera" and "stay still".

 I promise you, how you feel when the photo was taken
is how you are going to feel when you look at it
. Fun, memorable posing that creates those candid photos and makes you look good is my jam!

It all starts as soon as you contact me! By getting you hyped and totally prepared for your photos, you will look and feel amazing when you finally are in front of my camera. What you'll end up with are photos that will remind you just how beautiful this world is, you are, and your love is.

You deserve great photos & to have fun while you're at it

"We can't stop talking about how fun the whole thing was, and how beautiful you made us feel"


"Kaci was able to capture the natural beauty surrounding us, and the beauty and love between Liz and me"


"Kaci made us feel so comfortable, and we were able to be ourselves and celebrate our love story"


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#1 Deciding to marry your best friend!
Best. Decision. Ever. CHECK!

PS #3 is hiring me, Kaci Lou ;) I truly want you to have the best day ever with beautiful photographs to relive it forever.

your best life decisions

#2 Ditching the wedding planning stress & anxiety

A traditional wedding just doesn't feel right, amiright? You don't want to be the center of attention. You just want to have the adventure of a lifetime to kick off your marriage.

A small outdoor wedding or an elopement is the way to go so you can have a wedding day centered on you two.The only rule is that YOU get to make the rules. But how do you start?

This simple, easy wedding planning guide & checklist was made for you. Just 2 pages to help you plan a more meaningful wedding.

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