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 I'm a Utah and
Destination Wedding Photographer
for adventurous, laid-back couples. I would be
stoked to capture your love story!

utah wedding photographer

 "I swear I don’t look as good as I do in her photos! What I appreciated most was her ability to step in and be personable..."

Your Wedding Photographer

Did we just become best friends?! YEP!

I've photographed hundreds of couples, of all shapes and sizes, in all different places, in every kind of weather. What matters most to me is that you are comfortable and having a blast!

You will look AMAZING!
 I know when to step in to pose you and when to blend into the background. Photography is one thing you won't have to worry about on your wedding day with me :)

I believe photos should be just as fun and memorable to create as they are pretty to look at.
My posing is fun and fluid, I prompt you with games and questions to capture real emotions and laughter. Everyone is beautiful, I just get to show them that. 

We don't just TAKE photos, we GET memories to cherish forever.

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Hi, I'm kaci lou!

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