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Logan Utah Castle Manor Wedding Photos by Kaci Lou Photography

Tears of joy could not be held back as his only daughter, Kim, was getting married. We were all already emotional after seeing the bride in her gown for the first time. But now it was her dad’s turn to see her. On my way to the Castle Manor Wedding Driving through the canyon to […]

Logan, Utah Castle Manor Wedding Photos | Kim + Kaleb

Alpine Utah Poppy Field Engagement Photos

Finding this secret little poppy meadow was an adventure! Luckily that is exactly what Kaelynn and Carson wanted for their engagement photos. She is obsessed with poppies! A friend had told me about this field last Fall. I was so excited that the stars aligned for us to take engagement photos while this field was […]

Alpine Poppy Field Engagement Photos – Kaelynn and Carson

Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah Engagement Photos

The award for most giggliest couple has to go to these two! And I LOVE IT! Rachael has the sweetest smile and laugh. My favorite part was when I told them to kiss and they couldn’t because they were laughing too hard 🙂 Ryan is always making her laugh and if he wasn’t, he was […]

Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Photos – Rachael and Ryan

La Caille Utah Mountains Engagement Photo

I could hear the squaws of the peacocks as I rode down the cobble road towards La Caille. I was already excited for Carissa and Steven’s engagement photos…but I got way more excited to explore this magical place and find all the peacocks. Though the sky was dark and moody, it didn’t rain on our […]

La Caille Utah Engagement Photos – Carissa and Steven

Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement Photos by Kaci Lou Photography

“Hop in my mini van!” I cheered to this cute couple. I am glad people trust me because my mini van is actually really awesome! I planned for this engagement session to be extra special. I chauffeured Bri and Cody to the Salt Flats (about an hour and a half drive from Salt Lake City) […]

Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement Photos – Bri and Cody

Battle Creek Falls Engagement Photos

It was peaceful and quiet as I explored this new trail. The rain clouds circumvented around us, soaking the rest of the city but not this beautiful trail and waterfall. But we were prepared to get a little wet anyways. The hike wasn’t far, but the last leg was rather steep. My Winter bod was […]

Battle Creek Falls Utah Engagement Photos

utah state capitol engagement session

The rain gently tapped on my windshield as I pulled up to the capitol. I love the smell of fresh rain on the grass! I was worried about how gloomy the sky looked though. Luckily, but the time Kristine and Seth arrived to start the session the rain stopped. We got to capture these beautiful […]

Utah State Capitol Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos

Bride's Father diagnosed with cancer photos by Kaci Lou Photography

I walked by Taylor’s father resting on the couch several times as I traveled between photographing details at the back of the house and Taylor getting into her wedding dress in one of the rooms. He was patiently waiting to see his beautiful daughter with his fingers intertwined and anxious. Taylor’s main request for their […]

Why Photos Are So Important – A Story About a Bride and Her Father

Tibble Fork Engagement Photos 2019 by Kaci Lou Photography Utah Wedding Photographer-5338

Fresh snow covered the beautiful Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork canyon. We arrived just as clouds filled the atmosphere which made us feel like we were trapped in our own little winterland up in the sky. It was a slippery little hike down to the reservoir. I watched as other people played on the […]

Tibble Fork Engagement Photos

Fernwood Kaysville Engagement Photos by Kaci Lou Photography

Old leaves crunched under our feet as we made our way to the cute little bridge in the Fernwood Picnic area. The bridge still had some left over snow from the week before. Once we were on the other side, the ground was pretty icey. Josh actually was running and sliding down the ice by […]

Fernwood, Kaysville Engagement Photos