Sedona Elopement | How and Where To Get Married in Sedona, Arizona

Cathedral Rock Engagement Photos

Sedona Elopement Wedding Planning

I am so stoked you’re thinking about eloping in Sedona, Arizona! The red rocks are stunning. The spiritual energy there is incredible. Sedona is the perfect place for your wedding. There are lots of beautiful trails, outdoor locations, and Sedona wedding venues to choose from. 

Boho Butterfly Sedona Wedding Inspiration By Kaci Lou Photography

When to get married in Sedona

Sedona is one of the most popular destinations in Arizona. To have the most privacy, the best time to elope is on a weekday at sunrise (if possible), but sunset works too. 

Spring is the best time to get married in Sedona. The weather is perfect and the desert blooms. Summer temperatures can get over 90 degrees, sometimes triple digits. August is usually monsoon season which I recommend avoiding since there are flash floods.

The Fall also has great weather and the forest parts of Sedona will have brilliant red and orange leaves. Winter is cooler but rarely does it snow.

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Best Sedona Elopement Spots & Small Wedding Venues

You’ll find that every inch of Sedona is magical. You can’t go wrong getting married there! Here are some of my favorite spots to get married but of course, finding your own trail can be just as amazing!

Boho Butterfly Sedona Wedding Inspiration By Kaci Lou Photography

Where to Elope in Sedona

All Trails – Find your own trail 🙂 with mapped out trails, reviews, and all the information you need to explore, All Trails is a great app to find your own unique Sedona elopement spot.

Merry Go Round Rock – Only accessible by an off-road vehicle, you will love this beautiful cliff view.

Cathedral Rock – One of the most popular spots in Sedona it is a beautiful monumental butte. Easy hike halfway up to 360 degree views, pretty steep hike to get to the top but oh so rewarding.

Crescent Moon Ranch – a beautiful river leading to Cathedral Rock. There is a cabin and picnic area to rest at here.

Devils Bridge – a natural, narrow rock bridge for all the adrenaline junkies out there!

Bell Rock – another famous butte surrounded by green shrubs. Beautiful views of bell rock from Courthouse Vista (and vice versa).

Sugar Loaf Trail – beautiful desert trail surrounded by prickly pear cactus that leads to ombre red rock buttes.

Be sure to snag your Sedona red rock pass to visit these beautiful places or pay for parking when you arrive.

Sedona Wedding Venues

Sedona Airbnb Wedding couple on patio dinner

Mesa Grill/Sedona Airport – amazing food and an amazing view. You’ll drive to the top of a mountain and have 360 degree views of Sedona. With the airport next door you can even do a small plane tour.

Tlaquepaque – charming and magical village dubbed “The Heart of Sedona” for housing beautiful art and architecture.

Enchantment Resort – luxury resort surrounded by red rock cliffs with beautiful adobe casitas you can stay in.

Red Agave – cozy cabin-like stays overlooking Sedona valleys. You can stay in adorable triangle chalets.

Sun Cliff – gorgeous, luxury adobe resort that offers elopement packages.

Sky Ranch Lodge – Perfect place for your small wedding where you can say your vows with a view and your guests will love it.

Chapel of the Holy Cross– Gorgeous reflective chapel, built into the desert butte overlooking the valley. You have to see it to believe it!

Airbnb – Sedona has some beautiful, large airbnb rentals you can host your ceremony and/or vows at. Just message the host to make sure it is okay!

Sedona Wedding Photographer

Look no further, I would love to be your Sedona wedding photographer. Whether you’re having an intimate Sedona elopement or small wedding, I can help make it magical. Reach out at https://kacilou.com/contact

How to get married in Sedona

You can always take a quick trip to your local courthouse, before traveling to Sedona to say your vows. If you want to legally get married in Sedona – here is what ya need to know:

Sedona Wedding Permit

If you want to use the great outdoors for your elopement instead of a traditional wedding venue, most likely you will need a wedding permit.

For weddings in the Coconino National Forest, you can get started here.

For weddings in an Arizona State Park, you can get started here

Each place will have different rules for what is allowed and how much it costs (permits can be anywhere between $25-$500 depending on the place). I recommend sending in your application as soon as possible, 4 weeks before minimum, in order to ensure you can get your permit in time for your wedding.

How to get to Sedona

Sedona has a small airport that mainly hosts small charter and private planes. Sedona is North of Arizona’s capitol of Phoenix. The higher elevation helps Sedona be a little cooler than in the valley. Most couples have to drive to Sedona, here is how to get there:

Phoenix to Sedona

Take the I-17 North until you hit Sedona, about a 2 hour drive

Scottsdale to Sedona

Take the 101N, then the I-17 North the rest of the way

Las Vegas to Sedona

4 and a half hours South East, take the I-40 to US-93

Sedona to the Grand Canyon

About 2 hours North of Sedona. You can get to the Grand Canyon by taking the 89 North to the US-180

Sedona to Flagstaff

45 minutes North of Sedona is Flagstaff filled with pine trees and even aspens. Just take the 89A North.

Sedona to Page

You can get to Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell from Sedona by going North on the 89A for about 3 hours to get to Page, Arizona on the border of Utah.

Cathedral Rock Engagement Photos

What to do in Sedona

Visit a vortex and crystal shop -Sedona has a peaceful, magical energy. You can find spiritual energy vortexes and crystals throughout Sedona. It is a mystical experience!

Red rock pass – There is so much to explore in Sedona, you can’t go wrong.

Pink Jeep Tour – the infamous pink jeeps of Sedona are a MUST. You will see some of the most beautiful places in Sedona that can only be accessed by 4x off-road vehicles. Travel in safety with an experienced driver and guide.

View Sedona from above – hot air balloon, small airplane tour (my husband is a pilot and can take us up!), or helicopter tour. A bird’s eye view of Sedona will take your breath away!

Ready for your Sedona Wedding?

I’m a Sedona elopement and wedding photographer here to help you plan an amazing wedding day. I grew up in Arizona and have had a special place in my heart since my first visit there. There is different energy there, it is peaceful and healing. The landscape is absolutely stunning.

No lie, it is where we want to renew our vows! I would love to help you find the perfect spot to get married in Sedona and capture beautiful wedding photos to remember it all with. I know the best Sedona wedding vendors to make your day extra special! You can get started at https://kacilou.com/contact

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Sedona Elopement | How and Where To Get Married in Sedona, Arizona

Cathedral Rock Engagement Photos