2019 Goals from 2018 Reflection

2019 Photographer Goal Setting
Let’s talk 2019 goals! Drop yours in the comments below and let us know you set them!
This year I used passion planner and love it but I am just not a reflective person I guess so I don’t think I used it to it’s full potential. The last few years I have always made concrete goals and then feel defeated when they don’t happen. So next year is going to be different in how I set my goals. I want to share some things that work for me and my goals for next year 🙂
🌿 Every year I refine my creed. These are phrases that I live by. I am thinking it is boiling down to-
1) Make everybody feel like a somebody
2) Love people into doing what is right
3) Always be learning
4) Stay humble, but be confident
🌿Last year I jumped on the creative community bandwagon for having a word for the year. Mine was intention. It was very helpful until I moved to Utah and busy started chaos for me. But it was a great word that has helped me setup my brand and perfect parts of my business (still in process). I wanted to have intentional use of my time (both business and personal) and always have a reason for what I am doing, so that everything was purposeful.
My mantra was “Keep moving forward”. It was hard to stay motivated after losing my brother. I faced a ton of rejection and set backs so it feels like my progress is slow, but it is still in the right direction.
I am still pondering what my word or phrase will be for next year but I think it will be “adventure”. I need to put myself out there more, not just outside but with other people. I want to do more things that fill my cup and solidify my brand.
Snow Bowl Flagstaff Arizona Family Photos by Kaci Lou Photography
🌿Concrete goals like financial goals and how many clients you want to book for the year don’t seem necessary to me anymore no matter how many gurus say you need them. I plan out my business marketing plan 6-12 months ahead of time. I look at how much I want to make, then devise a monthly plan to get there. My goals are to complete my plan then if I don’t get clients or the pay I planned on at least I accomplished something and know where to get help to fix what didn’t work. 
🌿My son starts kindergarten next year eek so I am okay taking it slow next year to spend this remaining time at home with him. My daughter will be in preschool when he starts. My babies ahhh!
🌿My business goals for next year:
  • Launch my first online course
  • Host 2 boudoir marathons
  • Attend the April Utah Bridal Show and crush it
  • Get my website designed by Brand Epiphany
  • Read a business/motivational book a month (which I have been able to read a book this month this year woo I want to keep that going)
  • Outsource my wedding photo editing
  • Hire an accountant
  • Shoot at as many of my bucket list locations as possible
  • Get my passport (possibly scuba certified, that is on my list every year ha)
  • Plan a beach retreat for photographers
  • Plan a retreat for my brides
  • Reply instantly to texts/emails/messages after reading them
  • Always pay for the proper photography permits when on location
  • Determine the cause I want to back – WWF or Leave no trace most likely

I would love to hear what your goals are, how you set them and keep track of them!



Kaci Lou


2019 Goals from 2018 Reflection

2019 Photographer Goal Setting