What To Do When A Client (or Vendor) Puts A Filter Your Photo!

What to do when a client puts a filter on your photo!

First Rule: Portraits are a collaboration . PERIOD. Once you understand that concept, you will become a people-magnet. More clients will want to work with you and tell all their friends about you!

What to do when a client puts a filter on your photo!

What do when a client puts an “ugly” filter on your photo. 

First of all take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember that you are a service business. You are here to serve and love on your clients so they keep coming back to you and tell all their friends about you. 

But Kaci…Someone else is going to see my photo and think that I suck! Maybe they will, but more likely, if you made their friend happy, they are going to click to see your profile and then actually see your best work with the proper editing. PS most people can’t tell what makes a photo “good”. They just think their friend looks good!

Along those lines, let me tell you something else. Some of my favorite photos of myself don’t have the best lighting or a clean background, and I even have a double chin, but they are my favorite photos because of how I felt! More on that another day!

If you are an audio learner, you can hear me talk about this on my youtube video “What to do When a Client Puts a Filter on Your Photo“.

You have to assume the best in your clients. I promise, they are not trying to personally attack you! When a client (or even a vendor) puts a filter on a photo it is most likely because they are trying to match the rest of their feed, or look more tan (or less tan), or even just feeling artsy!

So calm your inner photography diva right now! I know you spent a lot of time to achieve that style, but your clients also put in a lot of work at the photo shoot. They had to prepare for it, get all dressed up, try not to be awkward, work their muscles, bribe their fiance or family members  and PAY you!

Another thing, I know you are not 100% consistent with your editing unless- you are using a blacked out studio, with the same exact artifical lighting and camera settings then editing with a preset…so tough love, but I am calling you out. I love you so much, I want you to love on your clients and make more money!

Take a look at the two photos above. This is when one of my clients put a filter on my photo and I wasn’t even mad! I love a soft, warm look so my original edit is on the right. But, I also love and can see why my client wanted a higher contrast look at this location to make the green and red colors pop on the left! I thanked her for sharing my sneak peek, told her how much I loved her and the photos we took. Then I edited the rest of the gallery in the middle of these two edits 🙂 she LOVED them and booked me for a boudoir session the next week!

Think about you can prevent this from happening next time. Show them your galleries and blog posts. Talk about your style when they book you. Send them an email so they know how to tag you and kindly ask that they don’t put a filter on your photos. Sometimes people just don’t know that is not okay. 

Here are some ways you could respond to someone who put a filter on your photo:

What not to say to someone that has put a filter on your photo:

-Comment, this is the worst filter ever, why would you use it?! (just rude)

-Message them about your contract (EWWWW Don’t do that!)

-Message them and ask them to take the photo down (ouch)

-Message them and ask them not to tag you (sucky)

All of these options result in your client feeling low, less-than, and never wanting to work with you again. They won’t post your photos for others to see and they definitely WON’T refer people to you!

What you should say to someone that puts a filter on your photo:

Comment “You look so amazing! I had a blast taking your photos <3 <3 <3”

Do you want to be right, or do you want more business? Portrait photography is a collaborative process. Your clients want you to make them look good, meaning look the way they wanna look. Spoiler, most of my client’s favorite photos from their gallery are not my favorite photos. Portraits are subjective!

Be happy knowing your clients are happy, because when they are happy they are gonna keep coming back to you or send all your friends to you!

Let me know if a client has put a filter on your photo before in the comments! If you found this helpful, please share with a friend. I think we have all felt our inner photographer divas come out at some point!

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What To Do When A Client (or Vendor) Puts A Filter Your Photo!

What to do when a client puts a filter on your photo!